Bicycle frames for the trail less traveled.

The Penhale Bicycle Company is an adventure bicycle brand pure and simple. Designed to suit the needs of enthusiasts and casual cyclists alike, whether it’s pedaling across town or across the globe, on technical trails, paved roads or gravel - Penhale frames will help you seek out your new adventure


Pedal the world or your backyard.


It would be easy enough to categorize Penhale frames as tourers, mountain bikes, gravel grinders or whatever the latest trendy name is; however, we formed the company with the primary goal of developing frames which go beyond those traditional definitions. Penhale frames can be built into truly versatile machines which, on one day, can be used to commute to work, the next to set off on the trip of a lifetime.

Our frames are built using custom drawn and butted Japanese chromoly steel for strength, reliability and unparalleled comfort. Each frame has just the right amount of accessory mounts and unique design features to enable you to take the trail less traveled.

For 2018 we have 3 models, the Gypsy 700c adventure tourer, the B'Stard 27.5 trail bike and the Vagabond 27.5+/29" trail tourer. In the works is the Scruffian 26x5"/29+ fat tourer and the Geezer road frame to get you out on your next adventure and take the trail less travelled.



Penhale bikes are the product of years of riding and exploring. As the company grows we'll post stories, images and other related items on our adventures page and our adventures gallery.


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