Penhale Bicycle Co.

Explore the world or your backyard.

It would be easy enough to categorize Penhale frames as tourers, mountain bikes, gravel grinders or the name du jour; however, we formed the company with the primary goal of developing frames which go beyond those traditional definitions. Penhale frames can be built into truly versatile machines which, on one day, can be used to commute to work, the next to set off on the trip of a lifetime.

Penhale Bicycle Company builds all its frames using either Japanese chromoly steel or Tange Prestige to provide strength, comfort, reliability and versatility rather than the ultimate lightweight and speed on which the big brands focus. The versatility comes from details like 3 sets of water bottle bosses and rack mounts on the B'Stard trail frame, multiple tire options on the Vagabond - 27.5 x 3.25 up to 29 x 2.4",  clearance for up to 35mm tires on the Geezer road bike and 29 x 2.0 tires plus fenders on the Gypsy tourer to name a few. The point is, you can take a Penhale frame and make it your own, go touring on the trail hardtail, hit the fast trails on your plus bike, ride to the pub on your dirt roady and grab a tour on some singletrack.

Penhale is a small company designing and selling framesets with most of the work done by Andy Holmes - me - the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. Trevor Hadfield is "our man in England" helping with testing, development and marketing related things. He designed our logo and also makes the mugs and cups you will occasionally see for sale in the shop. I've been working in the bike industry for the better part of 30 years - scary when I think of it! If you had a mug of tea at Bicycle Doctor in Manchester, England on any weekend in the mid 80's, chances are I brewed it. With plenty of racing and touring under my belt I quickly started getting a good idea of what I wanted out of a bike and in 1991 I designed my first frame. It was a fast road bike, built to put up with my road club's tendency to take shortcuts along dirt roads but still crank with the chain-gang. It's a frame that I still have today. I've raced, toured and explored the world, all while developing bikes for some of the most influential brands on the planet.  

Rancho Santa Margarita in Southern California has been my home for over 18 years and is now the base for Penhale. It provides the perfect environment for year round product development (riding). Whether its riding in mountain snow, pedaling along the coast trails in the sun or exploring endless dirt roads in search of somewhere to camp, the possibilities are endless. But just because the bikes are often tested while bathed in the warm Southern Californian sun, it doesn't mean that I've forgotten the rain, mud and generally atrocious conditions that many riders encounter on a daily basis - after all I was born and raised in the north of England. All the frames are either Electro-chemical Deposition plated (ED ) or Nickel plated under the paint to prevent corrosion plus frames all have plenty of mud clearance and room for mudguards (fenders) with the biggest spec tire.  

Initially we will offer only framesets and some key parts to help you build your adventure bike. Eventually there will be complete build kits plus carefully designed and selected accessories to enhance your ride. 

I'm confident that, not matter which Penhale frame you purchase, you'll enjoy it, you'll have fun and it'll take you places you've never been.