The ride everywhere Gypsy

"Why the Gypsy is my favorite frame" was the question I was asked earlier today. I'd like to say its an hard question to answer, with lots of marketing speak, but honestly its actually pretty simple

- It does everything I want it to do really well.

Since getting the first prototype of the Gypsy I've ridden centuries, dirt road grinders, commuted, hit many of the local mellower mountain bike trails and toured in the US and Europe. It's not been a stranger at the local Trader Joes Market, the local fast single-track loop,New Hampshire dirt roads or even passes in the Alps. UK test rider Trev asked me if it was OK that I took his test bike on some technical Devon MTB trails, my answer - while its not a mountain bike, go for it and see what it'll do.

Trev's test Gypsy in the UK

Trev's test Gypsy in the UK

When I designed the frame, the goal was to build a bike you could ride everyday for pretty much everything. Sure, the Gypsy isn't good for somethings. I'd not recommend that someone rides rocky trails or hit some drops,  If you're aiming to line up on the local crit, you may want something more specialist. You're going to replace your 6" travel carbon suspension bike, or your 16lbDura Ace road bike, and that’s because its an un-specialist bike.

For me I'm not going to be setting any Strava KOM's on the local nasty descents or the steep paved climbs, but then I wouldn't be even on the perfect specialist bike.

The point is that the Gypsy is just a bike, a great all round bike, an un-specialist. Its the bike I jump on when I just want to go for a spin, across the town or across the globe. Nothing fancy, affordable, well thought out, fun and comfortable - if you don't believe me, we've got frames in stock, build it up in a way that suits your riding style and send us some pics - we'll post your rides in the Adventures section.

Happy Trails