Things I learnt about mountain biking around Sarasota County Fl.

To Boldlygo where no Biglimey has gone before

To Boldlygo where no Biglimey has gone before

  1. The area around Sarasota is flat… dead flat. I've ridden almost 100 miles in the last few days and climbed 34 feet.

  2. There's a distinct lack of good (insert beer,coffee,singletrack) But that makes the times you do find good (insert beer,coffee,singletrack) all the better.

  3. The trail builders at the Sarasota County Off Road Riders have a warped sense of humor, they like their trails tight and very twisty.

  4. 800mm bars and tight SCORR built singletrack don't mix.

  5. There's a headwind everywhere except for the trails.

  6. What the Carlton Preserve Boldlygo trail lacks in flow, it makes up in its maze runner feel and you'll get a workout.

  7. You might think you're lost on some of the local trails, just keep pedaling.


If you're in the area check out  They'll be able to point you in the right direction to go ride.