The Vagabond

A few years ago, somewhere deep in my brain I envisioned  a bike that could go anywhere I wanted to go, cross country, cross desert, cross tundra, nothing fancy. I wanted something like the B'Stard trail bike, but that would take big floaty 27.5 x 3" plus tires, maybe a 29 x 2.5" tire if I felt like it. Sure, the Vagabond isn't the first Plus Bike on the market, but its one of very few that are focused on Adventure, rather than performance riding. The point was to design a bike that could take on all trails, the sand pit infested South Western desert trails, long boggy slogs through northern lands - plus it had to be capable of carrying my Bikepacking bags and up to 5 water bottles.

So if big tires are so great why is there a need for a bike like the B'Stard trail bike in the line? Its a simple reality that big tires aren't as fast, they weigh more, don't accelerate as quickly and are overkill for a lot of riding. But when you get past the limits of a regular width tire, the big podgy 2.8-3.25 plus size tires come into their own. 

My first test ride on the prototype Vagabond in the picture had me grinning from ear to ear. Yeah I know I designed it, but there's something hilarious about being able to tractor along through deep sand and rocks. So with that said, I'm changing the colour name (not the colors by the way) Dear John Green has a ring to it. 

The first few Vagabond frames will be here late August and will be a mixture of the Dear John Green and the Ice Blue, they'll ship with the standard QR fork for $699, with the through axle fork upgrade coming shortly after.