Sometimes you're the hammer sometimes you're the nail.

Erm... thats a deep hole.

Erm... thats a deep hole.

Sometimes you're the hammer sometimes you're the nail, or so the saying goes. Today I rode a short 30 miles, but my legs feel like it was 100. Part of the problem was my choice of route, head to the beach then back through one of the wilderness parks home.

The first part was pretty easy, pedal, tail wind, head down knock out the first 10 tarmac miles. Bounce off the side to the bike trail, hit some secret access stuff, only to realize that the recent storms had washed out a good 100 yards. Plan B, ok lets make a right turn to Albuquerque.

Past the stables, past the idiots letting their animals run free, 2 horses, countless dogs, all on a paved bike trail. Galloping horses with no riders freak me out a little. Into the back of San Juan Capistrano and avoid the Sunday looky-looers by jumping into the dirt.

Pedal behind the school to my favorite little river crossing. There I found a couple trying to drag their e-bikes across the foot deep water, breach cruiser type e-bikes at that. Problem is they were taking up the trail, so good samaritan me offers to help. Mr Napoleon complex was shaking in the water with barely a front wheel in, I marched in grabbed the bike to screams of "don't get the motor wet!!!" Don't worry mes amis, as I hoisted it out of the water. Back on my bike to no thanks, thats a goodnight from me and a goodnight from him.

I had high hopes of low water in the Arroyo and to a certain extent I was right. No Andy, there isn't any water in those 3 foot deep channels carved across the trail. just slop, mud, slippy rock land mines, but hey my feet were already wet. 

Into one puddle, splat, guess I'll not be drinking from that water bottle... Squelch, I hope my shoe follows my foot. Fling, mmmm straight in my mouth. I guess I've had my USDA recommended mineral intake today, hope the giardia hasn't had time to thumb a ride.

It was at this point I was reflecting on my choice to go this way, on my Gypsy with my favorite slick tires, at least they didn't pick up too much mud. 2 miles of slid slide and push, rather than hike a bike, my back wasn't happy, quads burning, calves were toight like a toiger. As soon as I had the option I said F'it and headed to higher ground.

3 1/2 hours, 30 miles, a bike to clean and some trails I'll not be riding for a while, all in all a good Sunday ride.