Spring has sprung!

It's been a busy month here, trying to get everything in place for what we hope to be a great 2017 full of bikes and new adventures. We have Gypsy frames in stock, plus there are t-shirts and the ever so awesome LiterCages in the store and ready to ship - use the code adventures2017 for free shipping on anything in stock! 

If you follow Bikepacker magazine, you may have seen the first look that Will Scheel posted on the Gypsy test bike that we sent them - check out Will's story on the bike here! 

You should also give him a follow in Instagram, at Will_On_2_Wheels Oh and you should also give our brand ambassador Trev a follow at BikePackingTrev and while you're there we've got our own Instagram PenhaleBicycleCo

The rains seem to finally have subsided, flowers are blooming here in Southern California, time to start getting more longer rides in, hopefully inspiring people to get out the door and explore.