Java, Java, Java...

Its no secret that I like coffee and it's no secret that I like really good coffee for breakfast in camp. The issue has always been that good coffee meant dragging along a ton off gear - that was until our friends at Overland Coffee introduced us to their prototype Pour Over Packets. 

My brew kit used to consist of stove, pot, cup, grinder, silicone pour over, filters, oh and not forgetting a bag of beans. After we got the new pour over packets that all changed.  

Overland Coffee Pourover

We worked with Overland to test the packets and we've been super happy. Fresh ground coffee, sealed in a nitro flushed pouch ready for your next adventure. Tear off the top, anchor over your mug, then pour your hot water for a great cup of coffee. 

Brewing up adventure

Head over to the shop to check out the five packs of one of my favorite coffees, ready for the trail!