Friday Roundup

Well it's Friday here, cup of tea in a Penhale mug, dogs snoring and the morning mist slowly burning off, sounds like a good day for a ride.

This week was tiring, a little stressful, but exciting all at once. Tiring because we had a lot of work to catch up on after being away at the Sea Otter Classic last week. A little stressful with a few mix ups with our freight forwarders routing of our latest shipment, but exciting, because we received out delivery of the latest batch of frames!

Latest batch of frames filling up the entrance to the office!

Latest batch of frames filling up the entrance to the office!

Mostly the delivery is Gypsy frames, but there are some B'Stards and plus some sample Vagabonds that will be heading out on test soon.

The Gypsy frames no longer have the big panel decals, but will have new surface mount decals that are better able to deal with the rigors of adding frame bags. Plus if you want to go naked - your bike not you - thats now a possibility. Well I guess if you want to go naked thats fine, but riding naked is challenging.

There will be pictures up in the store soon, along with the option for either 135mm x 10mm dropouts OR 142mm x 12mm through axle dropouts as well, either option is the same price.

We'll be at the Ride for Rwanda tomorrow here in Rancho Santa Margarita in Orange County. If you see a tall guy with a weird accent riding an orange B'Stard - thats me, come and say hi! 

Cheers Andy