Give me water!

It's hot here like it seems to be everywhere. Maybe not quite as hot as Death Valley, but still pretty hot. 

Last September on the way back from Interbike I did a little overnighter on the B'Stard, one of those sleeping bag and pad on the bars, limited gear and hope for the best kind of overnighters. In the frame bag was a burrito and a jacket. Some snacks, my camera and my phone. Simple, to the point and probably my favourite quick get-away.

B'Stard in the desert


The only other big bit of kit was the 1.5 liter Nalgene bottle held to the frame with a Widefoot Design Liter Cage  As you can imagine, Death Valley, well east of Death Valley, in this case, is at the best of times rather dry. So for any trip, the ability to carry water is paramount.  

We've carried the Widefoot Liter cages for a couple of years now and its one of the few things we keep in the store, its the only simple solution to carrying extra water other than putting a Camelbak or similar resevoir in your frame bag, Trev runs 2 of them on the fork legs of his Gypsy, meaning he can easily carry 2-3 liters of water without having to take up valuable frame space with extra bottles - or that aforementioned reservoir in the frame bag. 

Hot or cold, keep hydrated, put a liter cage on your bike, Oh and if you're off to the local brewery tasting room, they also fit 1 liter beer Crowlers!