Black Friday? Cyber Monday?

I’m sitting in my truck this “Black Friday” in a few minutes I’ll unload the bike and head of up the trails, why? Why not! 

I received a few messages asking what sale we have goin on for this weekend, my answer, nothing - we’re out of the office - and before you ask, I’m writing this from my phone.

OK so I have to agree that response is a little harsh, but the reality is, as a small business, I can’t afford to offer huge discounts. ”But it’ll stimulate business” One of the emailers told me, maybe is my response, but then if a discount would help you buy a product, why not ask if there are any sales going on at any other time in the year? Truth is people want a deal, I get that, but then if you email me I’ll often give you a code for a little bit of a deal, or more likely send you a t-shirt. 

So today if you’re reading this, close your browser, shut your computer down, head outside and as REI have said the last few years #optoutside - oh and if you really want to buy a frame or anything else in the store, message me and I’ll send you a T-shirt 


Cheers from the trails