Whats in a wheel?

The Gypsy, its a 29" 700c, 27.5 and a bit. do everything dirt road, monstercross, tourer machine. But I hear people saying that its go OH SO Uncool 29"er wheels, well sorry for being uncool, but you know you can stick 27.5 MTB wheels on their if you want?

Penhale Gypsy tires

Penhale Gypsy tires

Anyhoo, thats kind of a copout statement. I designed the Gypsy around 700c/29"er wheels for a reason. There's just more of a tire choice. One one side of things, there's the 700c x 40 and up road or touring tire option, then on the same rim you can drop in a 29" x 2.2 trail tire to take you further. If you're in the middle of nowhere and need a tire, there's a lot better chance you'll find a Schwalbe Marathon in 700c/29" than you will that ultralight 650b Road Plus tire that you thought was so cool.

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with Road Plus, in fact I kind of like it on one of my prototype frames, BUT on the Gypsy 700c/29" is just the right size of tire. 

Speaking of prototypes, I'm working on a few new designs, plus finally getting some of the Vagabonds and B'Stards into the hands of people. Yes I know they're showing as sold out, but Thats because our tiny frame factory can only make so many at a time - and we're filling back orders - So if you'd like one drop me a message and I'll get you one the list!

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